How to Furnish a Small Bedroom

How to Furnish a Small Bedroom

If you’ve recently moved in to a home-share, or you’re living in a small apartment which doesn’t have the most ample of bedroom space, then you’re probably wondering how to make the most of the room. What do you really need in there? Are there ways to save space? What stuff will you have to sacrifice in order to be able to even stand in there? We will take you through how to furnish a small bedroom and make the most of your cosy space in this guide. There are sneaky and clever ways to save space and you may find you can fit more in there than you originally thought. 

Take measurements

The first thing you’ll need is a tape measure. Don’t buy any big furniture, like drawers and your bed until you know what you can fit in your bedroom. Measure the space so you know what is achievable, you may even find you have enough space for a slightly bigger bed, or two bedside tables! You don’t want to head out to the shops to look for furniture if you don’t know what sizes to get, and it’s a real nightmare buying furniture that doesn’t fit. It’s also useful to know the measurements if you’re shopping online, even though sometimes getting out to the shops to see the product physically is a good way to gauge size and quality.

What can you fit in?

Now that you have your measurements, you can think about what furniture you can fit in. Of course you will need a bed, but what else do you need? Drawers? A wardrobe? If you’re in a house-share, you might even want to transform your bedroom into a bit of a living space too. Is there room for a small sofa or chair? Or perhaps a coffee table. Don’t forget, you will have your stuff to fit in too, as well as the new furniture, so think about where that’s going to go and how much storage you will need.

Find Furniture Options

Now it’s time for the fun part - finding the furniture! Shop around a little bit and see what’s out there. A fantastic option for space savers is furniture that is designed specifically for that purpose - to save space! Wall beds, custom-made wardrobes, beds with storage included, beds that turn into a desk… there is so much you can do with furniture these days to save space. Space saving furniture can be very stylish too, so you don’t have to skimp on style to save room.

Go for Stackable Storage

If you haven’t got a very wide space, why not stack storage upwards. Stackable storage boxes or shelving boxes are a great way to keep things neat and tidy in a small space.  Installing shelves can also make the room look nice as well as storing your favourite things.

Keep your Space Clutter Free

We know this isn’t about furnishing, but our final tip is to keep your space clutter free. Clutter will make the space feel even smaller. It’s a tricky task, as we all accumulate clutter naturally, but keeping your space neat and tidy will help make the space feel more open. Space saving furniture will certainly help to keep your space clutter free, with sneaky storage space for those things that you can’t quite bring yourself to get rid of.

We hope this guide has helped you and we hope you find the right furniture for your space. If you want some more advice about space saving furniture in Dublin, why not get in contact? We have been specialising in furniture for many years and can direct you in your furniture needs!

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