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Your furniture measuring guide

Buying new furniture for your children's room is an important decision. After all, the product you choose today will be part of your life for years to come, so you need to get it right.
You need to make sure that the furniture you buy is the right fit for your home, which means making sure that:

    • the proportions are perfect for your room
    • the furniture can fit(s) through your doors, stairs or hallways, clearing all access points.
    • How to get the proportions right
      The first step in making sure that the furniture will be in proportion for your room is to measure the surface area of the space where you want to put the furniture.You can then make a rough floor plan with a note of the dimensions of the available space and the ceiling height. Check the width, height, and depth of the furniture you would like to order and include this in your rough floor plan and against the ceiling height.

    • Does it fit with ease?
      If you find it hard to visualise the furniture in your room from your floor plan alone, you can make 2D templates of your chosen furniture out of newspaper, or mark out the area where you would like the furniture to go using masking tape.

    • When marking out where the furniture will go, remember to leave adequate space around the furniture. Interior designers also suggest leaving a distance of at least 20-30cm between a tall piece of furniture and the ceiling to create a feeling of space in the room.

  • TROUBLESHOOTING: If the very worst happens and your new furniture won’t fit in on delivery day, please do talk to us. We’ll search our huge range of products and use all our expert knowledge to come up with a great alternative. If you still want a particular piece of furniture that does not fit through normal entry points to your home, we can suggest other solutions.