6 Things to Consider When Buying a New Bed

6 Things to Consider When Buying a New Bed

Whether you are planning to move into your new home or you are giving your current home a much-desired makeover, buying of a new bed can be exciting. Don’t get me wrong, it can be fairly daunting as well!

Think of this for a second: How often do you buy a new bed? … Right?

What seems to be a fairly mundane thing to do, all of a sudden becomes much more important! It’s not like you’ll be changing again next month!

But how does one chose the right bed for them? What are the criteria for doing so? Is it just a quick trip down the shop or do we actually have to give this a proper thought?

We tried to put down the important things to keep in mind when choosing your new bed. Your suggestions are obviously welcome in the comments.



Comfort is the most critical factor to consider when shopping for a new bed. If the bed isn’t comfortable, forget it!
So what makes a bed comfortable? The mattress, the frame, the size.
If you’re sharing the bed, make sure it has enough space to host both of your sleeping habits. No need to be squeezed together onto a small bed, for 8 hours a day! (Unless of course, this is how you define romance, and… who are we to judge!).
If you’re not sharing a bed, well…. Kingsize bed for one does sound good, doesn’t it?! :)
Chose a mattress that suits your body. Ask yourself, does it feel comfortable? Could I spend my night in here?



We all love a bargain. Luxury at an affordable price would be ideal, thank you!
Looking around, you’ll find all types of costs. From the 30 EUR bed on DoneDeal (more than probably a squeak machine!) to the 10 grand worth of a bed (which, at this price range, if it doesn’t make you coffee in the morning and rub your back at night, I don’t know why it is so expensive).
So fix your budget and shop accordingly. Keep in mind that the average lifespan of a bed set is about 8-10 years, it has a major impact on your health and you’ll be spending quite a bid of time in it. So it is an investment!



Does it matter you ask? Who will see the bed itself? Unless, of course, you live in a neat little studio, and then it is probably in the center of the living room.
Nonetheless, make sure the bed fits with your personal aesthetics and the rest of the bedroom. A Nordic bed will more than likely not fit with the Victorian decor around it, and vice versa!



Trivia: What is a mattress made of? 

Did you know, there is a good bit of technology research that goes into these comfy little pieces of heaven called mattresses?
The material of the mattress can help keep temperatures down, keep your body cool and ensure a comfortable night sleep.
Fierce allergies can be dealt with natural fabrics or hypoallergenic ones. Feeling a call for luxury? Check out luxurious cashmere covers and high-end quilting.
The bottom line is to know what the mattress is made of and how it will work for you.



What? A bed is for sleeping, what else?!
Right, I get this. But think of the little things you do in the morning/before you go to bed. Get out of bed, drop the Pjs on the bed, jump in the shower. And, likewise, take off the watch, put it on the nightstand.
There are little features a bed can offer that will make these little things so much easier for you, on a daily basis, and they can be incorporated in the actual physical structure of the bed.

Space Saving

Space Saving beds in Ireland

Buying a new bed is a highly personal decision but your environment might have something to say about what is reasonable and what is not. No point in trying to fit a queen-size bed in a box room, unless…
For smaller rooms, a wall bed can be a smart way of combining comfort, style and functionality. Nowadays, your furniture can have multiple uses and give your room a fresh look.
A bed that folds back into the wardrobe and gives your space to… do your yoga/study/do some DIY/give the kids space to play…
A wall bed can be super useful and practical!

There you have it! Highlighted above are six things to consider when buying a bed. You can push it further and splash it all out, incorporating a plasma TV, a computer, a massage center in the bed etc.
Whatever it is you’re looking for, make sure to take a few minutes to think about it and make the right purchase decision!

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