6 Ways to Make a Small Apartment Spacious

6 Ways to Make a Small Apartment Spacious

If you live in a small apartment, you may feel like it is an impossible task to make it look spacious, especially if it’s a studio. But it’s not impossible. There are wonderful little ways you can transform your space to make it look much more spacious than it actually is. Here are our top tips on how to make a small apartment beautifully spacious.

1.   Space Saving Furniture

As a company who knows a thing or two about space-saving furniture, it makes sense to start here. You can save volumes of space just by using furniture that is designed to save you space. Take for example a wall bed. This is perfect for small bedrooms or studio apartments, where you need all the space you can get in the day time. They fold away into the wall, giving you a spacious living area… (and you don’t have to worry about a neatly made bed). Interested in space-saving furniture? Find out more about it here.

2.   Clever Home Decor

You probably know all the old tricks, but they work! Hanging a mirror on the wall will help the space look bigger. Also, using beautiful light colours help to make it look more open. There are certain paints you can get that make a room look bigger too, you just need to search around for ideas. A feature wall works wonders as it can bring the whole room together and make the mind think there is more space. Although clever home decor clearly doesn’t make the room grow, making the mind think that it is bigger will allow you to feel more comfortable in the space and will also allow you to think clearer. 

3.   Reduce Clutter

Make sure your space is clutter free. Clutter that we accumulate over the months can really minimise space and make your place look much smaller. A clear space will make you feel calmer and allow you to relax. Have a think about what you really need in your apartment. If you struggle to throw things away, make sure to hold it for a minute and really think about if you need it and why. When did you last use it? You’ll be clutter free in no time!

4.   Multi-Functional Furniture

Not only can you get space-saving furniture, but you can also get furniture that has multiple uses! And we’re not talking about a coffee table that is also a foot-rest… we mean furniture that does two completely different things. Take for example our bed that folds up to become a desk! This is the perfect way to save space and transform your bedroom into an office in next to no time.

5.   Stack and Store

Try and keep things stored away to reduce clutter further. There are certain things that we own that don’t need to be out on display all the time. Although more storage may seem like a space invader, why not try stacking your storage? You can get storage that is designed to save space, that can be stacked, stored under a bed or even hung up. 

6.   Make a Clear Pathway

Take a look at the layout of the room. Where is the furniture placed? Is it causing you to walk around like you’re in a small maze just to get to the other side? A useful way to make a room look more spacious is to create clear lines and walkways. Sometimes, just moving the sofa can really help to open up the room and make it more functional. 

If you need some more advice on space-saving furniture, get in touch to find out how we can help. We have a lot of experience in space-saving furniture and have been helping people in Dublin for many years! Contact us here.

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