5 Benefits of a Wall Bed

5 Benefits of a Wall Bed

A wall bed, also known as a murphy bed, is often depicted as a bed that belongs in a tiny and dreary apartment, but don’t be fooled by these ideologies. There are actually many benefits of a wall bed. They can be stylish and save you a lot of space in your beautiful apartment and deserve a much better rep than they get. We’re going to tell you why they are an asset to your home and why a wall bed might be just what you need in your home.

1.   They make space in a small apartment

Just because they save volumes of space in your home, that doesn’t mean wall beds can’t look good too. Wall beds are available in a number of contemporary styles to suit your home decor. If your apartment is slightly on the small side, why waste room on a chunky bed when you can have a sleek wall bed that folds away in one easy swoop. We like to think of it as an ingenious way to keep your bedroom tidy too; no making the bed, you won’t be tempted to throw your laundry and mess all over it and you can keep that space underneath your bed clutter free, as it will be on display in the day time! Once your bed has been folded away, you will have so much more space to use!

2.   They help to transform one room into another     

In a studio apartment, you may sometimes find it frustrating that your bedroom and living room are the same thing. It’s important to feel like the space is different in the day time to the place where you sleep, to give you a clear living space for a clear mind. Wall beds can also come with desk space built in, so when you fold it up it instantly becomes an office space. You will have more room for daily activities, like exercising. You will find it easier to relax in a space that feels transformed, and if you fall asleep in your living room of an evening, you are only moments away from your cosy bed; this saves you from the despair of shuffling sleepily into a different room, only to discover you have left all your laundry all over your bed which you were meant to organise earlier in the day! With a wall bed, you can’t be tempted to leave your bed in a mess. 

3.   They’re affordable

You are not buying a bed you are buying space. Wall beds are affordable as well as practical. Beds can be expensive, but most wall beds will certainly cost you less than a bed frame and mattress, which are often sold separately. Just because they are cheaper doesn’t mean they are uncomfortable. Wall beds can be very cosy, much more so than you may first think. They can save you space in your home and save you money too!

4.   They’re easy to use    

Another worry you may have about wall beds is whether they might be difficult to fold up and down every day. Wall beds are designed to be easy to use. They will fold away in one swoop and are relatively light weight too. You may have thoughts of yourself buckling under the sheer weight of a wall bed (afterall, you are practically lifting an entire bed) but they are made to be lightweight with mechanisms that will do most of the work for you. This doesn’t mean they are flimsy either, but just built to be useful and easy to use.

5.   They can help to keep your space tidy

As we mentioned before, a wall bed will help to keep your space tidy. You can’t be tempted to hide clutter under it, as this mess will be exposed everyday. You won’t have to worry about an unmade bed and you won’t be able to chuck stuff all over your bed either. A small space needs to be tidy to feel more spacious. Mess and clutter can really alter the feel of a room, so removing a big item like a bed as well as the mess that can come with it is a great step to keeping your home tidy.


Have we convinced you? We hope so! We think wall beds are a wonderful addition to any home and a fantastic way to save you space and money. If you want to find out more about space saving beds, read this page to get the scoop. As furniture specialists in Dublin, we understand what people are looking for when it comes to fitting out their homes and have many ideas and solutions.

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