5 Things You Must Consider when Buying Furniture

5 Things You Must Consider when Buying Furniture

Buying or renting a new home is an exciting step in life. You can decorate your space exactly how you want it and turn it into your own little kingdom. It’s like a blank canvas, and choosing the colours, textures and furniture to have is a lot of fun, but it can also be a big project. Making sure you are choosing the right furniture for your home is imperative; any little mistakes can cause issues if you don’t think clearly about the furniture you need for your home. Here’s our guide to help you avoid making bad furniture buying blunders. 

Consider The Size of Your Space

Size of furniture

Many of us have fallen victim to a spontaneous purchase gone wrong. You browse the shops and see an item of furniture that you love and must have in your home. Before you know it, it’s been purchased and you can’t wait to get it into your house. But the risk of impulsive furniture buying is that often we do it without considering the size of the space it’s going to be placed in. We ‘could have sworn the living room was bigger’, but without proper measurements, you could have a serious space issue and take up precious room in your home from ill-fitting furniture. Make sure to measure your room space before going on a hunt for furniture. Why not consider space saving furniture to utilise your space to the max!

The Style

Style of furniture

You may not be too worried about style, but it’s nice to pick furniture that suits your home decor to tie everything together. Certain colours and furniture styles can really make a difference in the look and feel of your home. If you want a relaxed environment, opt for neutral and soft colours. Sofas, beds, cupboards and cabinets can really change the way the room looks, so choose furniture that will compliment the space. Colour can be a very powerful tool in making a room look different and even the colour of your furniture can change the perception of the space. Think about what kind of space you want and pick your furniture accordingly.

The Practicality

Practical furniture Dublin

What will the furniture be used for? And more importantly, who for? If you have a family, obviously you want to choose a sofa that will fit you all on it. A family sofa is often a staple in the family home and should be built to last for a long time. If you live independently or with your partner, maybe go for something smaller to save space. If you’re fitting out the bedrooms, think about what sort of bed you want. Do you want to sacrifice space for a king size bed? Why not find a bed with storage underneath. For the kids’ rooms, bunk beds are a great way to save space and they can be made in fun and unique ways that will also entertain your child, like with a slide or interesting shapes cut from the side. It’s important to hone in on what your furniture will be used for and what will be the most suitable style to suit your needs. 


Comfortable furniture ireland

Don’t skimp on comfort. You may find a piece of furniture that looks nice, but at the end of the day, you need something cosy that will help you relax after a long day. It’s not fun sitting awkwardly on a sofa whilst trying to relax and watch your favourite film. Test furniture out first to make sure it is right for you. This is really important with beds too. We are all different and require different things from our furniture for comfort and health reasons. 


Budget furniture in Ireland

If you’re moving home or renting a new place, your money is likely tied up in deposits and fees, meaning you might need to create a budget for spending on furniture. If your budget is tight, start by buying the essential furniture you will need, such as beds and chairs. Think about what furniture is a priority and go from there. As time goes on, you can buy other pieces, like coffee tables and bookshelves, just make sure you know what items you need first. 

If you need some help kitting out your home with furniture, why not contact us to find out how we can help! We make custom-made furniture, which is tailored to fit your home perfectly.

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