Case Study: Space Saving Furniture in Japan

Case Study: Space Saving Furniture in Japan

This case study looks at space saving furniture in Japan and how we can create solutions in similar ways to tackle small apartment space.

Thinking of space saving solutions for your small home can be difficult. Do you find yourself looking around the room wondering how you can make it work better? It’s often hard to see the big picture in a small space and envisage ways in which you can create clever space saving solutions.

 Small Apartment Space

Small Apartment Space. Image source: Pexels

So how do you save space in a small apartment? It’s all about the furniture and how to make it work. We researched some fascinating examples of space saving furniture ideas in Japan. Space is expensive in Japan, especially in the bigger cities such as Tokyo. Here, small living spaces are the only option for many. Innovative space saving furniture designs have been discovered as a result of this in Japan and can help to revolutionize the way we use our own space.

The Japanese have invented extraordinary space saving ideas. Our favourite idea that we found was stairway storage, a creative way to make use of permanent fixtures. Of course, you may not have a staircase in your apartment, but little strokes of genius such as this are a great way to open your mind in to other options.


Staircase Storage. Image source: Pinterest 

Office space is something that Japanese designers have worked on quite extensively. Fold away desks are the perfect solution for those who work from home. An example we found was a clever fold away pod design that opens and closes revealing desk space; all you have to do is roll up your chair and start working. Fold away desk space is an idea we have also worked on, as we know how important it is to have different elements to your home to make it more functional. Just because your space is small, it doesn’t mean you can’t have office space; you can make your space exactly how you want it to be. We’ve incorporated office space in to some of our bedroom collection. We have wall beds that fold away into desk space, meaning you have space to sleep and space to work.


Fold away desk. Image source: Pinterest 

The Japanese use a lot of wood in their furniture design, in order to connect homes to nature and see it as more than just a space. We found a Japanese designed sliding wooden bookcase as a wonderful example of space saving furniture, which is similar to our custom made wardrobes. Our wardrobes are unique to you and designed to work for your apartment. They do not take up space and in fact create more storage in your home.


Babateen Custom Made Wardrobe


Our business is built from finding space saving solutions for our customers. Shoebox apartments in Dublin can cost a small fortune, which is a similar situation to those living in large cities in Japan, and most large cities in the world even.

So how do we conquer small space? How do we create more space in our tiny apartments and find more room to put our belongings? This is where our 30 years of experience comes in handy. We have been creating and selling space saving furniture for a very long time and we understand how to make space work. Take for example, our wall beds. These comfortable and affordable beds fold straight up into the wall. These beds are perfect for studio apartments, allowing you to create a beautiful living area in the day and more room for guests.

Babateen Bali Elektra Wall Bed


Don’t let small space stop your plans. Even when stepping into the world of parenthood, you don’t need to feel like you have to move home to accommodate new members of the family. Space saving nursery furniture can really help to utilise your space effectively and keep your babies nappies and baby grows stored away neatly. 

It’s all about taking your space and transforming it. Creating new ideas and revolutionizing the way your furniture works. If you have a small space to work with, why not get in contact to find out how we can help you. We’ve helped our wonderful customers achieve functional and comfortable living space with our 30 years experience. Contact us here to see how we can help you.

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